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We’re working on this page. What will soon be posted here is a list of steps that can be taken to create a Natural Play Area in your community. We will also post information here about grant opportunities and other resources. Stay tuned!  In the meantime, the information below will help get you started..

If you want to see what we are doing for our pilot project go to the “pilot project” tab.  Here you can download materials from our workshops; feel free to use these materials for your natural play project or change them to suit you your needs.  It would be great if you could return to this site and let us know how useful they were or what changes you made to fit your needs.

Also, please go to the “resources” tab to get more information and materials on natural play areas.  The presentations from a workshop that covered an introduction to natural play and described the latest projects in Oregon are available to view here.  As the natural play phenomenon grows we will be adding links here to other peoples efforts so you can see what else is happening in Oregon.

We at OPRD have also comiled a short book that covers many aspects of Natural Play.  It’s called the “Natural Play Info Packet“- It covers your basic questions like; What is the Natural Play program? How might you incorporate this concept into your city plan or neighborhood? and, what do these play areas look like? There are lots of great play area examples for inspiration!

Don’t forget to also follow our OPRD grants link to the right.  Here you can find out how to get some much needed funding for you project.

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