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If you’re looking for more information about how the concept of Natural Play might work in your area, this is the page to bookmark. We’ll be posting here when we have new materials that have been published and we’ll write a note on our blog on the main page whenever we update this page. If you want notice when we do that, please subscribe on the main page and you’ll get updates as they happen. Let us know if you’re looking for something specific!

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Silver Falls Workshop Presentations

In March 2010, several workshops on Natural Play were presented. If you were at those events and wish to review the presentations or if you’re curious about the material that was discussed, go to our page and download the pdfs.

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Natural Play Info PacketWhat is the Natural Play program? How might you incorporate this concept into your city plan or neighborhood and what do these play areas look like? Lots of great play area examples for inspiration!

Program Brochurethe Cliff Notes version about Natural Play. Print this out and take it to your next community meeting, stick it on a bulletin board.

Program White PaperThe official word on Natural Play Areas.

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